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A Brother's Love


Reprinted from The Great American Bathroom Book, Volume II, page 488, Publisher: Compact Classics, Inc., 1994.

When eight-year-old Joey's little sister underwent a necessary operation, it turned out that she had lost so much blood she was in need of an immediate transfusion. Joey's blood type was the same as his sister's.

"Will you give your sister some of your blood?" asked the doctor.

Joey paused for a long time before he agreed.

The boy tried to be brave as the blood was being drawn from his veins, but the doctor noticed that he was growing paler and paler.

When the draw was complete, Joey looked up at the doctor and timidly asked, "I was just wondering how long it will be before I die?"

The doctor looked down at Joey and said, "Do you think people die when they give blood?"

"Well, yes sir," replied Joey.

"And you were willing to die for your sister?"

"Yes, sir," he said quietly.


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